Fracarro Antennas

LP3F Band 3 VHF Log Periodic TV Aerial



A Log-periodic design pre-assembled which is easy to install. The F connector being located near the mast clamp ensure a tidy install.  Due to the unique Fracarro mast clamp these aerials can be installed for vertical or horizontal polarisation without additional accessories. They are characterised by excellent mechanical clamp resistance of the boom elements, excellent mechanical resistance at the rotation around the mast and good electrical performances. F connector is protected by a cap with bayonet clamp

Band       3
Block      A
Channels 6-12
Frequency 174-230MHz
Maximum Gain 9.5dBi
Front-to-Back Ratio 25dB
Return Loss -16dB
Beamwidth (-3dB) ±34°
Wind load at 120km/h 2.8kg (27.46N)
Impedance 75Ohm
Connector F Type
Maximum Mast 60mm
Dimensions 650x860mm
Weight: 625g





  • The Fracarro LP45F700 is a pre-assembled Log Periodic antenna ready for plug and play easy installation. ExcellentRF engineering and high level design guarantees reliable RF connection to feedline.

  • Features include high gain up to channel 51, and naturalrejection of 700MHz Lte 4G by as much as 24dB, without filtering.  

  • Excellent RF design and highly automated manufacture guarantee reliable RF performance from every piece, designedand manufactured in Italy.


  • Features

  • Channels: UHF: 28 - 51

  • Gain: UHF: 12.5dBi

  • F/B Ratio: UHF: 36dB

  • Boom Length: 116cm

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